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Welcome to The Bike Rover - Thanks for Stopping By!

The Bike Rover is proud to support your passion! We offer Coaching & Personal Training, Consultation as well as Cycling Analysis which includes modern, sensible and functional bike fitting.  We support The Bike Rover Race Team through our membership platform.

Coaching & Personal Training:  Specializing in helping you achieve your dreams through a personalized, interactive coaching and training experience.  Where personal attention, knowledge & experience combine to make a difference in your athletic development and performance!

Consultations:  Partnering with you to guide your training & racing through individualized data analysis, training plan review as well as race planning and review.

Cycling Analysis / Modern, Sensible & Functional Bike Fitting:   We use a modern, sensible & functional processes to perform a complete Cycling Analysis to help you stay healthy and maximize your training & racing return on investment.

Through our membership platform - https://thebikerover.trainingtiltapp.com - we provide template training plans as well as customized instructional videos to help you reach your peak performance through an interactive on line community.

With over a decade of riding, racing and wrenching - we have learned from and have learned from and have been trained by the best coaches and mechanics in triathlon and cycling.  We apply this expertise using proven methods and techniques to enhance your riding and racing experience!

                                                                      Thanks!  Anne & Richard Peck