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The Bike Rover is proud to support your passion!  We offer personalized attention through bicycle Mechanic Support & Services as well as Coaching & Personal Training Services.   Our Performance Center is designed to support your bicycle maintenance & training needs.  All of our services are designed to enhance your riding and racing experience by improving the performance, reliability and safety of your passion.

Mechanic Support & ServicesThe Bike Rover offers bicycle maintenance and repair, race/event support as well as Support and Gear (SAG) services  - all performed by a USA Cycling Licensed Mechanic.  Our standard, repeatable processes and procedures ensure that your bike is systematically maintained at a high state of performance - leading to greater ride satisfaction, reliability and safety.  Through our SAG Services, we offer support for races, rides, tours and individuals training for long distance endurance events.  We understand what you are going through and want you to focus on your training & racing rather than the distractions of spending so much time on the road.

Coaching & Personal TrainingSpecializing in helping you achieve your dreams through a personalized, interactive coaching and training experience.  Where personal attention, knowledge & experience combine to make a difference in your athletic development and performance!

About us:

With over a decade of riding, racing and wrenching - we have learned from and have been trained by the best coaches and mechanics in triathlon and cycling.  We apply this expertise using proven methods and techniques to enhance your riding and racing experience!

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